ActiveAction developed a software platform that permits the management of innovative electro medical devices.   These devices, through telemedicine, help by providing accurate, up-to-date information to prevent cardiovascular events.  They supply test results of high level to pharmacies and doctors. This implies a revolution and an innovation in the sphere of the population’s health: reports by expert doctors can be obtained in a short time, specialized doctors will receive the tests online.  Gone are the days long waiting periods at hospitals. The patient can choose the time and the place for their test. The telemedicine software of ActiveAction is installed on the PC of the healthcare professional, but it can also be installed in multiple devices in the case of health centers or pharmacies that are associated with each other.

All the devices: Holter Pressorio, Sleep Monitor, Holter ECG E-Patch are managed by the software ActiveAction.  This permits a direct link with the reporting center that ActiveAction has administered by professionals and specialists of cardiovascular diseases and sleep pathologies.


A few and simple steps:

1. Select the device: opening the app, the professional can choose the type of device that he needs to use


2. Configuration of the patient: the professional chooses “new analysis” and proceeds with the configuration of the device through the PC, inserts the personal data of the patient that is going to use the device.

3. Download and send data: the patient brings back the device that is then connected to the PC, in a few minutes the data is sent to the reporting center ActiveAction.

4. Reporting: The specialists of ActiveAction receive the data.  The data is then analyzed and the report is sent to the professional.

5. Receiving and printing of the report approved by the specialist who originally uploaded the data.



  • The management of several devices, the configuration of personal data of the patient.
  • The transfer of the parameters registered by the device in the reporting center.
  • Receiving and printing of the report approved by the referential specialist: for the Holter Pressorio reports taken care by Dott. Massimo Gualerzi, for the sleep monitor reports taken care by Dott. Roberto Melej.
  • The service is developed with respect to the privacy code, decreto legislative 30 giugno 2003, n.196.
  • Remotely controlled technical assistance available.

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