What is the electrogardiogram (ECG)?

13 December 2021
The electrocardiogram is the graphic recording of the electrical activity of the heart and the variations that occur during the cardiac contraction (systole) and the relaxation (diastole) of the at...

What do you need to wear to carry out a cardiac holter?

13 December 2021
Which clothing is best to wear during a cardiac holter is one of the most common questions from those who undergo this non-invasive diagnostic test, also called “dynamic electrocardiogram” by Holte...

What is the blood pressure holter? When is it recommended to carry out the examination?

13 December 2021
According to the data released by the Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension, about 15 million Italians suffer from arterial hypertension, but only half of them are aware of it.We speak of hypert...

What is telemedicine and how does it work?

13 December 2021
From online medical consultations to the teleassistance, from medical examinations directly in the pharmacy to remote monitoring of the vital parameters of the patients. There are several areas of ...

Sleep monitoring

13 December 2021
Am I a frequent and very loud snorer? Do others tell me that I often stop making noise with breathing pauses and then start again with groans, snorts and moans?Does my bed partner, who often goes t...

Cardiac holter and training: the experience of two Olympic athletes

13 December 2021
The cardiac holter is a fundamental exam for those who have to detect arrhythmias or other cardiovascular diseases, but it is also useful for those who, often straining their heart muscle, are inte...

What is a cardiac holter?

29 November 2021
Tachycardia, palpitations or a feeling of fainting or sinking in the heart.In these cases, it might be useful to investigate the symptoms using a cardiac holter.In the following article we will exp...

12-lead vs 3-lead cardiac Holter - When is it recommended to carry it out? (Copy)

29 November 2021
The dynamic Holter ECG is the diagnostic method used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time which often corresponds to 24-48 hours. The 12-lead dynamic Holter ECG mon...


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