Cardiac Holter

Faros is an innovative and adaptable Holter ECG (dynamic electrocardiogram) to monitor the electrical activity of the heart for several days (up to 8).

Faros Holter ECG detects occasional arrhythmias and other cardiac pathologies that a simple ECG is not able to detect.

Faros Holter ECG must be put on for at least 24 hours during which the patient can carry out his/her normal daily activities. Thanks to its low weight (16 gr) and its small size, it guarantees freedom of movement.

Invisible under clothes, Faros Holter ECG allows to carry out all daily activities.

IP64 waterproof

The smallest device in the category;

Innovative device

Extreme versatility

Versatility and comfort

Our Faros Holter ECG offers different methods of application and measurement.

Application with electrodes: it is recommended for a complete, 3-or 5- channel cardiac function recording with FastFix patches and/or Omega Snap patches.

Without wires, it is waterproof (IP64) and ideal for athletes.

Faros Holter ECG automatically detects arrhythmias and alterations in the electrical conduction of the heart.

What is a Holter ECG?

The holter ECG allows to detect arrhythmias and other cardiovascular events that cannot be discovered by a standard electrocardiogram which has a recording time limited to a few tens of seconds.

Since such cardiovascular events are often occasional and can occur in unpredictable and unexpected way, ActiveAction’s Faros Holter ECG records cardiac activities for several days, up to 8 days, providing more precise and accurate monitoring.

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