Sleep monitoring

Our Sleep Monitor allows to check the qualitity of sleep by detecting any respiratory disorders.

The examination is not invasive and is carried out thanks to an innovative device which has the size of a wristwatch connected to a nasal cannula and a pulse oximeter. During the night our Sleep Monitor records the main parameters to analyze the quality of sleep: saturation, respiratory flow and heart rate.

Sleep monitoring is useful for checking and detecting how many apneas have occurred during the night and if a patient is at OSAS risk. OSAS is the acronym for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

The exams are drown up and signed by specialist pulmonologists.

Wrist device

It checks how many apneas occurr during the night

Oxygenation monitoring

Constant monitoring of the night sleep

Who should carry out the exam?

Our Sleep Monitor is particularly suitable for:

  • those who tend to snore;
  • those who do not rest and may be chronically affected by recurrent headaches, even if they spend sufficient time in bed;
  • those who suffer from exhaustion;
  • those with a short attention and concentration span;
  • those who have frequent shifts in mood;
  • those who undergo personality changes;
  • those who have a reduction in manual dexterity;
  • those who have breathing pauses during their sleep;
  • snorers or people who experience sudden awakenings with a feeling of suffocation;
  • those who have a restless night of sleep

Sleep monitoring

Am I a frequent and very loud snorer? Do others tell me that I often stop making noise with breathing pauses and then start again with groans, snorts and moans?

Does my bed partner, who often goes to sleep in another room, tell me that I frequently have a restless night of sleep?

Do I feel noticeably tired in the morning upon waking up and do I get sometimes a bit of a headache?

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