I disturbi del sonno rientrano tra le competenze di medici odontoriatri per il trattamento del russamento e delle apnee ostruttive nel sonno. Per saperne di più visita la pagina approfondimenti [LINK]

This test verifies how many apneas are present during the night. It confirms if the patient is at OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) risk. Apneas, hypo apneas and the % of regular sleep are clearly shown in the report.

Furthermore, there is a detailed analysis of Spo2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) and heart beats. This allows our specialists to send a final medical report highlighting possible sleep pathologies.

If apneas are found, it is suggested that the patient to go a specialized center and have a more thorough test completed i.e., polysomnography. Note that the Sleep Monitor does not detect electroencephalogram or thoracic movement.

The report is done by doctors who specialize in sleep disorders. The Sleep Monitor is particularly beneficial for people who are affected by:

• Snoring.
• Insufficient sleep which in the long term may cause cephalagia
• Chronic fatigue.
• Sudden-onset sleep.

• Non- invasive test that allows an initial evaluation of the sleep quality.
• Measures: saturation, inspiratory/expiratory flow (through nasal cannula), heart beats and heart frequency.
• Highlights night apnea cases.
• Small size.
• Lightweight.
• 8 hours recording time (night).

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Thanks to an innovative device and a non-invasive test you can evaluate the quality of sleep of your patients, with ActiveAction SLEEP MONITOR.

Using a device that is as small as a watch, it monitors heartbeats, saturation, and inspiration / expiration flow. The patient’s sleep activities are continuously monitored.

The ActiveAction Sleep Monitor is able to detect the presence of sleep apneas.
The device has 3 sensors and allows sleep screening of your patients.

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