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The 24 hour ABPM monitoring allows for a complete evaluation of the blood pressure profile of the patient.

ABPM monitoring avoids the so-called “White Coat” hypertension effect and gives a more accurate pressure profile of the patient over the 24 hour period.

ABPM monitoring is particularly recommended for:

  • Hypertensive patients with high variability rate at different times during the day/night.
  • Patients suffering from White Coat hypertension.
  • Patients already diagnosed as Hypertensive and currently under pharmacological therapy. To confirm if their drug therapy is effective and consistent throughout the day/night. 
  • Patients that have been not diagnosed as hypertensive but reporting symptoms that can be related to blood pressure variability. 
  • Multiple measurements of the arterial pressure.
  • Avoids potential errors or misdiagnosis
  • Measures blood pressure day and night during the patient’s usual activity.
  • Evaluates the circadian rhythm of blood pressure.
  • Creates higher correlations between blood pressure and cardiovascular complications (left ventricular insufficiency, microalbuminuria) than the standard clinical testing.
  • More consistent and reliable than usual clinical tests.
  • Clear representation of the pressure variability.

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The 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, so called BPM Holter or Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM), is a non-invasive test that records arterial pressure continuously for 24 hours. It is a small device that is conveniently located at the waist. The doctor/pharmacist connects the monitor and the cuff on the patient who will wear it for 24 hours. Cuffs are available in different sizes.

During recording, blood pressure will be measured automatically every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the night, in accordance with latest International guidelines for ABPM monitoring.

It has been proven that ambulatory monitoring of the arterial pressure during 24 hours has a higher predictive value on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. The data analysis of the 24 hours blood pressure monitoring also allows the nighttime blood pressure profile to be observed. Therefore taking into consideration any physiologic reduction of pressure values (dipping) or a physiologic raise of the arterial pressure in the morning (morning surge).

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