Holter ECG-e-patch

This test is non-invasive and totally pain-free.

It takes place when the doctor believes it is necessary to test accurately and continuously the cardiac activity, such as the following:
- to detect presence of myocardia ischemia,
- to identify the presence of any arrhythmia that can be the cause of fainting or
- to identify the presence of blockages in the transmission of the electric stimulus in the heart
- to evaluate the heart function in sportspeople or in persons in need of a medical report for their employer, for legal or insurance purposes, or for drug control.

• Smallest size device
• Wireless
• Records up to 72 hours of activity
• Waterproof
• Medical report from cardiologists to patient within 48 hours

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E-Patch was developed to guarantee high quality, continuous long-term monitoring of cardiac activity.
It is an innovative Holter ECG that records cardiac activity for up to 72 hours reducing diagnostic errors of other standard Holter ECGs.

Comfortable to wear, ultra-thin and very light, it is applied with a single-use adhesive electrode to the chest.

It must be positioned at the center of the chest and comprises of two parts:

  1. Single-use adhesive electrode
  2. E-Patch sensor

The two parts connect directly to each other without wires.
E-Patch delivers the equivalent clinical information as a standard, wired and bulkier Holter ECG.
E-Patch makes it possible to continue with usual daily activities during the monitoring.

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